Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Cookie Exchange

I am going into finals week.  One of my last posts I said I was in my second to last quarter... well that was a lie.  I ended up failing that class (even though I got an 84% in the class).  So I had to retake it, which means I will graduate (hopefully) in March.  This also means we have put off trying for a baby until March, or April, or May... or whenever I get a job with benefits. 

I started up with MyFitnessPal again (shansen1111).  I did really well for like 3-4 days, then today I couldn't. stop. eating.  So to the gym tomorrow I go!!  Tomorrow and Saturday I should stay on track because I work about 20 hours in 2 days.. so no time to eat means I am staying on track!  I am also not drinking right now so I won't drink those extra empty calories after my shifts.    On Monday I weighed in at 227.8.  Today I was 223.something.  That was nice to see, but after my feast today I will probably be back up to 227 tomorrow.  Official weigh in on Monday.. I have the weekend to redeem myself.

Last Saturday my mom hosted a Holiday Cookie Exchange party.  It was my first time I participated, she hosts one every year for the past couple years.  It was a lot of fun to visit with my aunts, sister, grandparents and mom.  We also made A TON of cookies!  Sadly I am almost done with the bag I took home.  This picture just shows all the different kinds of cookies.. we had more sitting on the island in the kitchen that didn't fit in the picture. 

This week was mostly just filled with finishing up clinicals and classes for this quarter.   I am looking forward to our 2 week break from school.  It will be nice to see my family over the holidays and I am attending a holiday party with some friends I haven't seen in a long time, so I am looking forward to that also in a couple weeks.

Like I have said all year long, I am going to try to blog more.  It will be my New Year's Resolution.  I am not going to wait until New Year's though to start it so hopefully I will try to post a couple more posts before the end of the year!  Until then, here are some random pictures from my phone!

Sadie posing with Christmas D├ęcor

Trying to get Sadie, Gracie and Bella to all look at the camera is impossible

Nate helping Nate Jr. put the star on the tree

Monday, October 21, 2013

10K in the books!

Well it's official.  I completed my first official race.  (I know, I did the Mud Run, but in my mind, that was different).  I ran 6.2 miles... HOLY CRAP!!  Without stopping. Yes, I was slow but that's okay.  I think there were only about 20 people out of over 500 that ran that finished behind me, but that's okay.  What matters is that I finished it and ran the whole thing.  AND that I actually did what I said I was going to do which was run it.  2 weeks ago I was telling Nate that I was just going to switch to the 5k and that I had no clue how I was going to run 6 miles.

I left my house around 6:15am on Sunday morning.  I was dressed in capri compression pants, a workout tank top, long sleeve workout shirt and running jacket.  I got the pants, tank top and long sleeve shirt from my mom and sister for my birthday which was the previous day :)  Thanks again!! I also wore cheap gloves and an ear band because it was cold!  35 degrees cold!  My intention was to ditch the gloves and the ear band sometime during the race because I knew I was going to get hot and tie the jacket around my waist so I put my running number on the long sleeve shirt, under the jacket. 

I also bought shot blocks (energizing chews) to eat during the race.  A package comes with 6 shot blocks, but I didn't need that many.  I packed three and only ate 2.  On Thursday I was doing a practice 10k on the treadmill and I finished it but got very nauseous about 30 minutes after I was done and I didn't want that happening again.  I looked online and it said that it could have been from losing too many electrolytes during the workout so I wanted to be sure that didn't happen again.. and it worked!! I felt fine after the 10k on Sunday.

I parked down by the finish line.  There were shuttle bussing bringing everyone to the starting line.  It started up at Mankato State University and ended by the Verizon Wireless Center.  When I got to the starting line there was still about 30 minutes left before the start of the race (10k started at 7:30).  I walked around, trying to look for people I knew.  There was a group of 6 of us running from my work, and I knew some other friends running in it as well.  I found 4 of my friends from work so we took a picture before the race. 

This picture was waiting for the race to start.. sun is just coming up!
After the race! We all finished and are all feeling great!!

Once the race started I started jogging with my friend/co worker Nicole (in the red sweatshirt).  We had ran together before and have similar paces.  She is a more experienced runner than I am though.  She tried to stick with me, but I was falling behind and I didn't want her to feel obligated to slow to my pace so I told her to not worry about me.  The other 3 ran ahead and I didn't see them again until after the race lol. 

Mile 1 was okay.  I was thinking to myself, how am I going to do this.  The cold was getting to my lungs, I knew I didn't prepare nearly as much as I should have.

Mile 2: Holy crap we are at mile 2 already!  Okay, I am feeling a little better at this point.  I am impressed with how many people come out to cheer on all the runners.  That was awesome!  I couldn't help but smile!  We ran through a neighborhood and people just had their lawn chairs out like they were watching a parade (a fast parade with no candy lol)  I eat my first shot block.. didn't taste bad!

Mile 3:  My back is starting to hurt.. I must tense up while I run, especially in the cold.  I text Nate to let him know I am half way done so he can kind of figure out when I am going to be done.  Between mile 3 and 4 there is a huge down hill.  That was awesome.  I was almost just relaxed while jogging and enjoying myself and the view! 

Mile 4:  I am getting warm, but not feeling like taking off the jacket.  I take off my gloves and put them in my pockets.  A lot of people just ditched them on the side of the road, but they didn't bother me in my pockets.  Mile 4 starts to get very long.  We are on a straight road, no turns, a couple curves, but that's it.  I eat another shot block. 

Mile 5:  Almost done!! I start seeing more spectators again!  There weren't many on the long road since it wasn't blocked off to traffic.  I am almost done!! I finally turn on the last road which is totally blocked off to traffic. There are people everywhere cheering.  That definitely makes it easier to run.  I can now see the finish line!!! Holy crap I am going to finish this race!!! I keep going, I try to up my speed but don't want to over exert myself.  I see Nate, lil Nate and my mom in the crowd!  I run passed them with my thumbs up and race to finish!  I got my medal and was so proud I just ran 6.2 miles. 

I see now how running can be addictive.  These race days are so fun!  I had adrenaline pumping from the moment I saw the starting line!  I actually felt like a runner.  Now that I have my first official time, I have sometime to work towards and beat.  I ran it in 1 hour 20 minutes. 

Now I am looking into running a 5k on Thanksgiving.  Might as well get a workout in before the big feast!  Anyone in the Twin Cities area want to run with me?!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I know... It's been a while....

This might be a long post, but I haven't written I think since this quarter started and now we are in week 7!!!!  I have been CRAZY busy with picking up more hours at work and trying to pass my classes, starting a new business and trying to keep a social life still.  Oh yeah, I am still trying to become healthier, and that unfortunately has been put on hold :(


I am in my second to last quarter of nursing school and there are some days I have no clue how I am going to do it.  Right now I should be doing homework, but I am easily distracted and would rather write a blog post.  We had 6 people fail out last quarter, 2 people drop out this quarter.. and I am shocked I am still here.  At Rasmussen you need to have a 78% average on tests in order to pass the class, no matter what your total grade is.  I get that they want you to learn the material and not just slide by because it's people's LIVES that we have in our hands.  But, I am also a firm believer that I will learn way more in the field than out of a text book, so I am struggling to meet the 78% on the tests. 

And then 2 weeks ago Tiffany, closest friend in class gets killed in a motorcycle accident. 

To say that it's hard to focus right now is an understatement. 

Me and Tiffany

New Business

At the beginning of July I decided to be an It Works! distributor.  This company makes wraps that tighten tone and firm (which really do work!!)  I tried one out and the next day I was down a belt notch!  They also have a ton of supplements and vitamins that I have been using. 

I like finding pictures of results with tattoos because then you know it's the same person!
Work is definitely keeping me busy.  I work 4-5 days a week to try to keep up with the bills.  Although it is summer and there are always fun things to do on the weekends, like going to Apple River, going to the cabin, weddings, bachelorette parties, etc.  I did get the privilege of serving 10 Vikings players the other day.  They were so nice! and of course the 100.00 tip was awesome :)  Although, my greedy manager asked me to get Chad Greenways autograph for his nephew, so after they had dinner I finally got enough courage to ask him, and they passed the poster he wanted to sign around to all the player, so I got all their autographs!  I was so proud and thought that he would love it!  Well he did and said he was going to keep it for HIMSELF!! what the fuck.  I did not get the autographs for HIM!  I got them for his NEPHEW!! greedy bastard.  (excuse my cussing.. but it pissed me off when he said that)
Baby Fever
Not going to lie.  I want a baby.  I want one really bad.  BUT we are waiting until I am done with nursing school.  I know that's the smart thing to do, but I am SO sick of waiting.  My coworker brought in her 5 month old the other day and I couldn't get enough of her!!!
Then, later that day I get word that one of my cousins is pregnant!  I am always very happy when I find out a cousin is pregnant, but I also feel very jealous at the same time.  Nate and I decided in December I will get off birth control. :)
The poster I got signed for my boss


I woke up to this one morning... that is Nate sleeping and holding Sadie's hand... how cute :)
Well, that is all for now.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'd Rather Be Busy

Google Reader is going away at the end of the week.  You can now follow me on Bloglovin. still under the  Some See Sarah name. 

I am currently on a 2 week break from school.  During this time I am trying to pick up more hours at work, but that is hard because EVERYONE is trying to pick up more hours at work.  I am finding that I am a lot more happy when I am busy.  Even though it is stressful to be busy, and at times I hate waking up at 5am and not going to bed until midnight, I am a lot more happy.  I am more happy with myself, with my relationship, with my life, etc.  This week, since I don't have school to worry about, I am finding myself just sitting at home and thinking about life.  This turns into depressive thoughts.  This effects my work, my relationship, my friendships, etc.  I don't know why I think that my life sucks, or that I would have a better life somewhere else, because my life doesn't suck.  I am happy where I am, with my husband, with where my life is going to go.  I just need to keep busy for this next week and a half. 

With that said, you would think I am working out more... I haven't been.  I did go to the Y today because it was too hot to run outside.  I used to think running outside was harder than running on the treadmill, I proved myself wrong today.  I started running on the treadmill and put the towel over the time/distance so I wasn't tempted to look at it.  My run seemed like it was going on forever!  I finally looked down and I had only gone 1.15 miles.  ugh.. this is going to be a long workout.  So now, I did it, I looked, and now I can't stop thinking about how long it's going to take me to run 3 miles.  My mind got the best of me.  I stopped after 2 miles.  Running outside may be physically harder, but I know when I reach the 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile mark by destinations, and it is way easier to run towards a destination than it is to just keep running on a treadmill hoping you have gone as far as you think you have gone.  So it looks like I have to wake up early to get a run in because the temp outside will be cooler.  I have a 10k coming up in October and need to be able to run 6.2 miles by then!!

This week I also had an ItWorks! wrap party.  This company has been blowing up all over my facebook so I thought I would try it out.  I did a wrap on Monday and noticed a half inch loss off my stomach.  So I guess it does work!  I ordered more wraps and I also got a greenie drink mix and fat blocker supplements.  I will let you know what I think of them once I get them!

Until next time!

Thursday, June 20, 2013



I am linking up with some other bloggers to share about my wedding. 

Nate and I got married on 11-11-11.  The number has has always been prevelent in our marriage, example, when ever we see the clock at 11:11 we make sure the other knows about it (this was even before we were married).  Then we moved into our first house, and the address was 1111.  So we though since it landed on a Friday that year, why not have it on 11-11-11.  Once we decided that I had to get my baptism certificate for the church and holy crap, what day did I get baptised on... 11-11-84!! I think it was fate. 

As you can see we got married in a Catholic church.  Not my choice.  Nate is Catholic, I grew up Methodist.  I wanted at the church I grew up in, but after a long, long, couple month long disagreement, I gave in.  I will realize in the future, I will give in a lot to make him happy.  That's what being married is all about right??  I am happy we were married there, the pictures are amazing. 
Our reception was at a hotel about 2 blocks away from the church and 4 blocks away from all the bars.  Perfect location! 
This was what our receptionroom looked like.  It was perfect.  I hired a decorator - best decision I made for the wedding. 
The bridal party consisted of 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen, 2 ushers, flower girl and ring bearer.  I origionally had the girls pick out their own style of dress, but it had to be the same color and fabric.  Once 2 of them picked out the same style I changed the rule and everyone had to wear the same thing.  I wanted either all different or all the same.  I thought this dress they picked out was awesome, and flattered everyone.  

The colors were a deep purple,  The guys wore all black with deep purple ties.  Flowers were deep purple calalillies and white roses.  Oh, and the flowers were all fake...yep, didn't want to spend 70 dollars on a bouquet, when I could spend 25 on mine and 12 on the girls'... and I still have my bouquet.. and all the bridesmaids bouquets. 
The first dance was to "At Last" by Etta James.
Father Daughter Dance was "I loved her first" by some country singer...

And then the party started!!!

Best day of my life. 
Our honeymoon didn't really come until February 2012.. but we brought his son and his mom.. so I still think it was more of a family vacation.  It was fun, but not what I think a honeymoon should be.  Hopefully after school is done we will have a baby-making-vacation.  Only us. No mother-in-laws and no children :)
What would I change?  There really isn't much I would change.  It was about as perfect as it was going to get.  Yes, there were MINOR things that didn't go perfectly.. but I didn't let it bother me.  I think I might have splurged a little more on the photography and got a videographer.  I wasn't too impressed with the pictures and it would be nice to have a video of the day. 
After the wedding I really had wedding withdrawls.  I couldn't believe it was over, something I waited my whole life for.  I loved planning it, even though some times it was stressful, and if I looked at one more flower I was going to burst! but I truely missed it.  Now we are married... now what?!?! :)



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3 miles and hopefully a blog win!

Two Thirds Hazel

I am entering a contest to try to grow my blog.  God knows I need some help with this thing, so hopefully I can get the chance to win to talk with some of the top bloggers around!!!

This morning I had to take a psychosocial nursing proctored exam.  It went better than I thought, I scored a level 2 out of 3  which is slightly better than average.  That test pretty much just said that if I were to take the boards right now, in psychosocial nursing part of the exam I would pass.  I take the boards in January. 

After the test I went on a 3 mile run.  The run went fine... didn't help I passed about 20 cross country runners... all guys... awesome.  - Or I should say they passed me haha.

This was after my run. OH yeah, Nate made me color by hair black yesterday. 
Ok, he didn't MAKE me.. but he highly suggested it - and paid for my color/cut (which was MUCH needed).
It is still growing on me, I think it's a little too dark, but Nate thinks it's hot.. so we will go with it for a little while :)
I sent him this picture yesterday when I got home and was still mad about the color haha... that's my I'm pissed face.
So I know, this was a random post.. hopefully I can win this giveaway, I would love to grow my blog more while I am on my journey of becoming a runner and a nurse :)


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day weekend!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dad's out there!  Including my own dad, husband nate and grandpa!!  I am so blessed. 

This weekend was busy and went by fast!  Friday I work my normal Friday shift which is bartending 10:30-8:30ish.  I have worked those same hours every friday for 2 years now, and Nate will still ask me what time I work.  Men, they never listen ;).  It was super slow for lunch, then my manager cut everyone except me and thats when everyone decided to come in.  I had about 11 tables going at one time..  That is a lot of orders to keep track of!!! But they came at a good pace so it wasn't too hard... just never stopped moving for about 2 hours. 

Saturday I was scheduled to close the restaurant managing.  This was a nice change because I actually had a Saturday day off so I could enjoy it!! I woke up super early, around 7 and tried to fall back to sleep, but at 7:45 I decided that wasn't going to happen, so I was up for the day.  I started my day off with a run. My goal for the day was 3 miles.  I did it!  I used a map my run app for the first time on my phone.  It was nice because it tells you once you hit each mile, so I knew that after I was done on the trail that I usually run on, I had to do a lap in my neighborhood to get the full 3 miles.  I ended with 3.3 miles in about 46 minutes.  I am pacing right now at about a 12:50 mile.  It's still pretty slow, but I don't mind, I am working on distance and endurance right now, not pace yet.  After my run Nate and I decided it would be fun to go on a motorcycle ride.  We should have looked at the radar before we left because we got hit in one of the worst rainstorms we have rode in.  We were soaked!!   Rain hurts when it's hitting you at 70 miles per hour!  We had to sit under a over hang and wait it out before our cold journey back home. 

We saw the storm coming... and we were going straight into it.
While we were stopped.. down pouring rain!
Soaking wet, but it makes for a funny story, I guess :)
After I got done managing the restaurant, I went downtown to see some friends I haven't seen in years!!! They were at one of my old roommate's wedding which was in town.  I am not sure if I lost that invite, or what because I had no clue until last week she was getting married that weekend.  Maybe I wasn't invited... I dont know.. oh well.  Anyway, I got to see a couple of our other roommates downtown and it was SO nice to see them.

Sunday (today) it was gorgeous!!! We went to Nate's aunt's house, she has a nice pool in her back yard and played with all of Nate Jr.'s cousins.  Nate Jr. loves swimming, I think he could swim all day if he wanted to.  Here are some pics of the afternoon.

Nate made a huge splash and splashed his grandma!! She thought it was hilarious.  If you can see in the pic, she is the one on the noodle on the left in the pool.

Nate Jr. jumping off the diving board!

Nate's cousin Andy showing off his diving board skills


All around fun day  for everyone!  Now the boys are at the new Superman movie.  I opted out to do homework... which I am procrastinating by writing this blog post.  This week is finals week, so maybe I should open a book and study... ugh

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Once money isn't an issue...

We all know by now that I am in school for nursing.  This December I will graduate with my LPN, take the boards in January or February and begin school again in March (hopefully) to start my RN program.  I am also hoping once I am an LPN I can get a job and make more than I am making now. 

Now, I am working at a restaurant and I cut back my hours to focus on school. This has caused a huge financial strain.  I have broken down more than once about how I am going to make it.  But, like always I talk to my husband about it and he makes me realize that everything is going to be fine.  And it will, once I start making the big bucks... until then I will continue working paycheck to paycheck strategically paying my bills so just the amount of money is in my account for each bill. 

Now I know most people don't talk about their financial situations in public, but I'm not normal.  I am here to show that there is another person out there that is struggling.  I will get through it, and once I get that first RN paycheck you guys will be the first third people I tell.  Now here is to what I am looking forward to with more money in my pocket:

- Getting my hair done. (it's been at least 6 months)
- not worrying about how I am going to pay to get my dog groomed
- being able to buy my husband/step-son gifts without having to save up for it
-not feeling guilty about going out to eat
- being able to go to weddings/showers/birthday parties
- not thinking about money all the time!!!
Until then, I guess I will hit the books so I don't fail any classes.  (we have to get at least a 78% test average to pass the class... and half our class is failing one of our nursing classes right now... i'm borderline)
My one year anniversary of this blog is in 12 days :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mud Run 2013

Yeah, I have been slacking at this blog.  Between school and work this quarter I have been very busy and when I am done with my assignments I just want to shut my computer.  BUT tonight, I am doing a post because I participated in my first 5K this weekend and want to share the pics :)

I did a Mud Run.  It was hard.  The ground that we had to run on sucked as it was in a field of tall grass mostly and it was very uneven.  I was worried I was going to roll an ankle!  I ran as much as I could the first half, then my friend fell off the monkey bars and hurt her knee so we walked the last mile with her.

Here are the pics that will sum up the experience.  They aren't in chronological order... bear with me.

Starting out clean!

And we're off!

One more pic before starting

Back and muddy!

Helping a friend over a log after she hurt her knee

Somewhere in the route

And I'm out of the mud pit!!!

Was stuck in the pit for like 5 minutes... seemed like an eternity!

One of the last obstacles

Sliding to the finish line!

Proud I finished :)

I am continuing with my running.  I want to run a 10k in October, so that is my goal now.  I am the same weight as I have been for the last couple months.  Hopefully with longer runs, I will shed weight a little faster. 

My quarter for school is up in 2 weeks (thank god) so I am also going to try to post more. :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Screw C2K5

Okay, I don't really mean it.  The program has definitely gotten my endurance level up.  Hell, if it wasn't for the program, I probably wouldn't have stepped foot on a treadmill.  BUT, going from running 8 minutes to running 20?!?! WTF? I could hardly run the 8.. not to mention then running another 8 and another 2 on top of that... 

So, today I ran.  I ran as far as I could. I bumped my speed down to 5.5 from 5.7 because I was going for endurance, not speed.  I tried not to look at the clock.  I wasn't really sure what my goal was... I was thinking maybe 20 minutes, maybe just one mile.. I ended up running 11 minutes and 36 seconds before slowing down to 3.5.  I could have gone longer.. I should have gone longer.. I need to not let my mind determine how far I am going to run.  I am proud to have run over 11 minutes.  Now, next time I am going to run I am going to goal for 12 minutes.. then 13 minutes.  Hopefully in 31 days (how many days until my mud run) I will be able to run for 30 minutes straight. 

I am scared to death about this race.  I don't want to fail.  I don't want to be the last one.  I want to finish.  I don't want to slow my friends down.  I want to be able to do most of the obstacles.  I don't want to be the fatty out there that everyone is looking at and talking about.  I want to finish.  I will have people there supporting me, but it would be that much more embarrassing if I can't do it.  All I can do is continue training. 

Last week I didn't work out at all.  I was frustrated with school, so I went out drinking during the week with some girlfriends.  That means I didn't work out the next day because I was hungover.  Then I went to the cabin to help my parents, which means no working out over the weekend.  So I went about 10 days without running.  I felt like shit.  Now I know how much working out is good for your body.   It makes you feel good!  Today, Nate called me when he was done dropping lil Nate around 8am and asked if he should pick me to go to the gym.  I really didn't want to, I just had woke up.. but I thought, it's now or never! 

I wrote that post last week and was going to post it, but then I got distracted.  Now a week later I am up to 15 minutes on the treadmill.  I had a couple days off the band wagon, I blame school and stress.  I will get back on.  I am not as nervous about the mud run now, but I have to get my butt back into the gym. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

W5D3 FAIL...

I was dreading this run... did't want to do it, didn't think I could do it.. and of course, I didn't run the whole time.  Today I was supposed to run 2 miles or 20 minutes straight.  Okay, how the hell is a non-runner supposed to go from 8 minutes of running to 20 minutes of running the next day?!?  wtf?

So today, I had high hopes.  I was planning on going to the Y and running on the treadmill, but then I thought... it's gorgeous out and I have to be inside all day for work, why don't I go on the trail.  For me, running outside is a lot harder than running on a treadmill.  I feel like I am going way slower, and breathing much heavier. 

I got out of bed and tried to look for a running app I could use on my phone to track my run.  I see people do it all the time on facebook, they have the map they ran, distance, and time.  So, I look through the apps and download one.  Well maybe I am not tech savy.. or just a moron, but I couldn't figure the damn app out.  So I have no clue how far I ran, I guestimated about 2 miles.  I ran to Mount Kato which is a downhill ski resort about a mile away from my house.  And when I say "ran" I really mean, jog slowly and stopped for walking breaks. 

I was out on the trail for about 40 minutes... so maybe that makes up for the 20 minutes of straight running I was supposed to do?  I will try this day again either tomorrow or Monday on the treadmill... but I HAVE to get used to running outside!  Like I said, the mudrun in June is outside.. and now I am scared shitless on if I am going to complete it or not. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 4 Day 1

Well I did it, got through the entire week 3!  Week 4 is alternating 3 minutes of running and 5 minutes of running, with walking breaks.  I was nervous about the 5 minutes of running, but not as bad as how I was nervous for the 3 minutes of running since starting the c25k back in the fall.  As soon as I was done with the first 5 minutes of running I looked over at Nate who was on the treadmill next to mine and wanted to celebrate!!! A high five was our celebration, because soon after my victory walk I was back to running again.  The second five minute run was harder, I was more tired, but I didn't quit.  What a great workout!  I was sweating, breathing heavy, BUT I think I forgot to put on deodorant... FUCK!  Hope I wasn't too smelly.  Nate would have told me if I was.  We are honest like that with each other.  After the treadmill we went to the weight room.  I am always intimidated by the weight room.  A bunch of guys, grunting, and I sweat they are looking at me weird because I was the only girl in there at the time... and I'm fat. 

I found an arm workout on Pinterest that I want to try out.  One of the things I think my body needs the most work on are my arms.  Here is the workout. This picture is what inspired me.

My arms definitely look like the top pictures, they might even be a little bigger.  If I can get my arms to look like the bottom picture by the 4th of July... I'll take it!!  I did the workout today with 12 lb weights... might move up to 15lbs. 
I am still working on my diet.  I can't stand counting calories, even though that's the only way I am going to lose weight.  I make healthy choices most of the time, and I am working on my cravings. 
By the end of next week I have to run 20 minutes straight, with no walking... kind of intimidating..but I am GOING to accomplish it. 
5K is June 8th.. can't wait!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Training outside

Went running today on the trail in our neighborhood.  I was going to go to the Y, but at 4pm.. it is PACKED!!! Holy crap, could not find a parking spot.  So instead I took Panzer our Doberman out for a jog and completed Week 3 Day 2.

I'm finding it a little harder to run on pavement vs. the treadmill.  Maybe it's because I have a 7 month old dog dragging me in every direction possible because he gets distracted easily.. idk.  My shins were killing me today.  They usually hurt when I run on the treadmill, but I swear today was awful. I need to practice running outside though because obviously the mud run that I signed up for won't be on a treadmill. 

Here are some pics of the run.

During the walking portion of my run.. he got distracted by a twig

We are jogging now.. things are going good!

That didn't last long... now he is dragging me off the trail.
Oh man, I lost him...
 Just kidding with the last pic, he was attached to me the whole time.
Now, I am going to relax, get some school work done and maybe put ice on my legs. 


Monday, April 8, 2013

C25K W3D1

Successfully did week 3 day 1 of c25k.  This was the week I never have done.  I was scared of the three minutes of straight running.  I have no clue why.  Maybe it was because when I first started c25k I could hardly run for a minute.  Then when I would move on to week 2, I could barely run for 90 seconds.    Well I can tell my endurance is increasing because running for three minutes is hard, but nothing I can't handle.  Although... I will say, choose what you eat wisely before running.  Even when it is 3 hours before a workout.

Nate and I were out running errands today and he wanted to stop and get Taco Johns grilled chicken burrito.  Well, that sounded good to me and I checked the time, it was three hours before I was planning on going to the gym.  My plan was to go to the gym at 5pm because there was a 5:40 class I wanted to take, that way I could get my running in and then go to the class.   Well, I started running on the treadmill and it started.  The gurgling, the mild pain - that turned into a constant ache, and the nausea.  I knew what it was as soon as it started... the grilled chicken burrito.  I told myself, get through this workout without puking please.. it would be quite embarrassing to puke at the gym.  I powered through it, got off the treadmill and left.  I did not make it to the workout class. 

I realized that people who workout regularly (especially in the afternoon or evening) eat healthy during the day because they know about the ache!  It is going to be way easier now knowing that I have a workout to do in the evenings now (because of my schedule change) to eat healthier throughout the day, so I guess that's a plus!

Today was the first day of another quarter of nursing school.  We have a lot of clinicals this quarter which will be fun! Except that they start at the butt-crack of dawn.  I am going to have to start being a morning person real quick... My first clinical is at a hospital either in surgery or helping patients recover from surgery.  Let's hope I am not a fainter!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Annoying workout

Today I finished my week 2, day 3 of C25K.  Even though technically this is the last day of the week for the program, I am going to run again tomorrow and just repeat what I did today.  Then on Monday.. the very much dreaded week 3.  This is where I have stopped multiple times in the past because I am scared of running for 3 minutes straight, but I know I can do it. 

Today I had a very annoying workout.  First my towel fell off the front of my treadmill through my feet and shot off the back.  This isn't the first time this has happened.  Then I start running and the pants I am wearing don't fit right or something because they kept feeling like they were falling down.  I also have something wrong with the headphone jack on my phone because every time my phone would move a tiny bit, my Pandora would pause, so I would have to go back into Pandora, press play, and go back into C25K without making it pause again.  During the running portion of the workout my right sock was slipping... so hello blister on my heal!

In all that annoyance, I still finished the workout, and I ran faster on the last 4 running segments than I ever have.  I bumped up to a 5.5, it felt like a more comfortable pace.  I then moved on to the elliptical and wanted to do at least 20 minutes.  I put it on a specific workout so I don't have to worry about changing the resistance.  About 10 minutes through that workout, I realize my resistance hasn't changed and it went back to the welcome screen.. W.T.F!  So I called it a day.  I get to work for 10 hours today anyway, which means I will be on my feet most of the day, so I don't feel bad that I only put in 40 minutes. 

For all the people with normal jobs out there, happy Friday!  For the restaurant employees... happy beginning of your work week ;)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Registered for my first 5K!

It's Thursday already! This week has gone by way too fast.  I start school back up again on Monday.  I am excited to go back!  We have a lot of clinicals this quarter, and I am looking forward to getting into different facilities and seeing what nurses do and participating in that. 

Since it's break that means I have been working a lot, which isn't a bad thing, but it reminds me why I have a love/hate relationship with the restaurant business. Last week I got yelled at.. wait, I mean SCREAMED at by a customer last week to the point of tears (in which I still have no clue what set her off, and neither does my boss).  Then other days, it doesn't seem like work, just making drinks having a good time.  It definitely doesn't hurt that restaurant employees are the most layed back group of people I have ever met with no barrier when it comes to conversation topics. (my favorite kind of people)

This week  I have also been dealing with a dog with blocked up anal glands.. putting my nursing skills to work early!  A broken tv.. which means we bought a new one...and more debt. A continually messy house with laundry that is always building. Losing my license plate in the car wash (seriously? only me).  And registering for a mud run!

Let's get to that shall we?

My first 5k and I chose a mud run.. with obstacles... I have to stop forgetting that I am not the girl I used to be in high school!  However, Couch to 5 K is in full effect and I am GOING to continue after week 2!  Week 3 is not going to scare the hell out of me anymore... 3 minutes of straight running, here I come! That 3 minutes in 9 weeks is going to turn into 3 miles of straight running.  June 9th is the mud run, and I cannot wait!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I workout!

I am finally on break from school and I have been going to the gym 5 days a week for the past 3 weeks.  I call this being successful.  Finally I feel like I am in a routine going to the gym, and feel guilty if I don't.  Today I started the C25K.. (again!!) and it seemed really easy.  For the past couple weeks I have just been walking on the treadmill for about an hour every day with a speed between 3.5-3.7 and inclines ranging from 1.5-8.0.  When I decided to do the C25K today, I was hesitant because I wasn't sure about the running, but it came really easy. After about 40 minutes on the treadmill I went to a 30 minute workout class.  All in all I finally felt like I was working my body.  I am planning on continuing to go to workout classes.  Once school starts again in 2 weeks, hopefully I can find a time to do them.

In other news... I was surprised that bloggers Holly, Megan, and Brandi (who are major bloggers), felt like Blissdom was really cliquey (sp?).  I look up to these women.  They are hilarious, keep it real, and seem like a blast to hang out with.  I really wanted to go to Blissdom, but didn't know anyone to go with, and I am sure as friendly as these ladies are, they might have been a little creeped out if I was hanging on them the whole time.  I have been reading their posts and they felt like girls were being mean to them. WTF?!? 1. to me, these are the popular girls of the blogging world and I am surprised other women were being mean to them 2. I have heard nothing but awesome things about other bloggers that met these ladies saying how nice they were.  3. If I went, I would have definitely been intimidated.. they are gorgeous.. and I would have just been like.. hi.. can we be friends... please... PLEASE!!!  I wasn't popular in high school and all I wanted was to be, but I was so intimidated by all girls, so I didn't talk to anyone.  Now, I am a little more outgoing.. a tad more comfortable in my skin.. but still would feel intimidated.  Nothing against them at all, it's just me thinking that every single person I talk to is judging me some how.  So what I am trying to say.. is that their experience at Blissdom makes me like them even more.  They noticed mean girls, they were not the mean girls.  Even though a lot of people might think Brandi, Holly and Megan are tight and "cliquey".. they are just three really good friends that like to have a good time and I have learned they LIKE meeting new people!.. hopefully someday at a better blogging conference I will be able to meet them :)  

Now for the pic of the day... My husband and our doberman.. like father like dog. 

Have a great day!