Sunday, August 18, 2013

I know... It's been a while....

This might be a long post, but I haven't written I think since this quarter started and now we are in week 7!!!!  I have been CRAZY busy with picking up more hours at work and trying to pass my classes, starting a new business and trying to keep a social life still.  Oh yeah, I am still trying to become healthier, and that unfortunately has been put on hold :(


I am in my second to last quarter of nursing school and there are some days I have no clue how I am going to do it.  Right now I should be doing homework, but I am easily distracted and would rather write a blog post.  We had 6 people fail out last quarter, 2 people drop out this quarter.. and I am shocked I am still here.  At Rasmussen you need to have a 78% average on tests in order to pass the class, no matter what your total grade is.  I get that they want you to learn the material and not just slide by because it's people's LIVES that we have in our hands.  But, I am also a firm believer that I will learn way more in the field than out of a text book, so I am struggling to meet the 78% on the tests. 

And then 2 weeks ago Tiffany, closest friend in class gets killed in a motorcycle accident. 

To say that it's hard to focus right now is an understatement. 

Me and Tiffany

New Business

At the beginning of July I decided to be an It Works! distributor.  This company makes wraps that tighten tone and firm (which really do work!!)  I tried one out and the next day I was down a belt notch!  They also have a ton of supplements and vitamins that I have been using. 

I like finding pictures of results with tattoos because then you know it's the same person!
Work is definitely keeping me busy.  I work 4-5 days a week to try to keep up with the bills.  Although it is summer and there are always fun things to do on the weekends, like going to Apple River, going to the cabin, weddings, bachelorette parties, etc.  I did get the privilege of serving 10 Vikings players the other day.  They were so nice! and of course the 100.00 tip was awesome :)  Although, my greedy manager asked me to get Chad Greenways autograph for his nephew, so after they had dinner I finally got enough courage to ask him, and they passed the poster he wanted to sign around to all the player, so I got all their autographs!  I was so proud and thought that he would love it!  Well he did and said he was going to keep it for HIMSELF!! what the fuck.  I did not get the autographs for HIM!  I got them for his NEPHEW!! greedy bastard.  (excuse my cussing.. but it pissed me off when he said that)
Baby Fever
Not going to lie.  I want a baby.  I want one really bad.  BUT we are waiting until I am done with nursing school.  I know that's the smart thing to do, but I am SO sick of waiting.  My coworker brought in her 5 month old the other day and I couldn't get enough of her!!!
Then, later that day I get word that one of my cousins is pregnant!  I am always very happy when I find out a cousin is pregnant, but I also feel very jealous at the same time.  Nate and I decided in December I will get off birth control. :)
The poster I got signed for my boss


I woke up to this one morning... that is Nate sleeping and holding Sadie's hand... how cute :)
Well, that is all for now.