Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stay Away from the Cookies!

Today I was lacking motivation (again), but it was like 96 degrees out with a lot of humidity!  I did go to the pool with a girl friend and her 9 month old son.  This was the time I was wishing I would have worked out in the morning because knowing that I would be wearing a swimsuit disgusted me.  So, I wore a dress over it :) When I got there, I definitely didn't feel that bad, there were some big ladies there.  Not wearing sunscreen though, bad idea.


My husband had a tattoo appointment tonight after work (he is a tattoo artist), while he was doing that, I gave into the book that everyone is reading. 

I usually don't give into the books that everyone goes crazy for... but I have heard a lot of good things about this one!  I did however give into The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo and Hunger Games. (both very good books)  Did not give in to Harry Potter or Twilight.  I will start this one either today or tomorrow.  Tomorrow I have to work on my front side burn, so maybe I will lay out and read this all day. (the sun was only beating on my back today at the pool)

While I was at the store getting this book, and baked beans for dinner, I thought long and hard about getting something for dessert.  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE cookies.  So I was headed to the baked goods.  I was almost there when I saw a larger women also in the baked goods section.  My cue to get bananas instead.  

I have another day off tomorrow, gonna watch my stepson (lil N).  Not sure what we are going to do yet, but I definitely want to get some color, so probably do something outside. 

The other day Sadie got a little tied up in her chain and the rope ladder we have on our playground. Thought you might enjoy that! Hopefully she doesn't do this again tomorrow!

Now it's hubby time :) Later!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

cleaning, check!.. spelling check!.. workout...?

I was trying to get the motivation to just go out on the trail and walk a couple miles.  What I did instead, vacummed the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, did a load of laundry and did the dishes.  Not to mention watch a couple hours of Real Housewives of OC.  My husband hates that I watch these shows, which is why I am watching them while he is at work :)  I am honestly surprised I chose cleaning over working out.  In highschool, you give me that option and it would be 2 hours of working out over 1 hour of cleaning... amazing how things change!

So today I was either going to try to eat really healthy or workout.  I haven't done either.  It is really hard when my husband and stepson do most of the grocery shopping, by the time they get what they want, there isn't money left to buy all the healthy things. Not to mention how expensive it is to buy healthy!  So today I had some applesauce, 2 bowls of captain crunch with berries, cheese and crackers, and a cheese quesadilla.  One thing I know for sure, this family loves cheese... I should probably try to keep the cheese consumption under control if I want any sort of change to my body.  

I have 3 hours before work, I want to try to get two more loads of laundry done, and maybe take a hike on that trail! 

(oh and I did spell check this post, because I know I have some spelling errors in my last post.  I pride myself on being a good speller, which is why I didn't spell check the last one... oops, maybe I should have lol!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

A story behind the name

In case you were wondering why my blog is named Some See Sarah. 

Back in the year 1985, my lovely parents had just bought a video camera.    Well, being the baby of the family and a year old, guess who they video taped the most... yep, that's right me!  My sister would be in a lot of the videos as well, but I had most of the scenes.  As I grew up, I guess I liked to watch myself on tv a lot so I would try to tell everyone to "Come See Sarah", so they could watch the videos with me.  It sounded, however, like I was saying "Some See Sarah"... and the name stuck. 

Now, the Some See Sarah videos are transferred on to DVD's, and we can still enjoy my childhood.


That's me (the bald baby) and my older sister.  As you can see this was a polaroid... technology has changed so much in 27 years. :)

A little bit about me

Hey all! Welcome to my first post! I think Monday's are a great day to start new things, so here I am starting a blog on Monday, hopefully starting a weightloss journey on a Monday... and next Monday I start school (again).  Right now I am just waiting for a friend to come over with her baby boy, and hopefully we can have some backyard play time.  I have the kiddy pool and chalk all ready to go!  I tried to find the sprinkler, but I think we lost that the second day after we bought it. 

We took my stepson out of day care for the summer so I will be watching him a couple days a week and he will be with his mom the other days.  Today, I get to watch him, hopefully he will want to play with us in the backyard. 

A little bit about myself.  I just got married on 11-11-11, and I am enjoying my first year as a wife and step mom.   My stepson is 8 years old, and going to be in 3rd grade in the fall.  Let me tell you, they grow up fast! I met him when he was 4 years old.. sweet little blond boy.  Now he seems all grown up, even though he is only 8.  I am anxious for him to get older and become more independant.  Hopefully in a couple years he will have some brothers and sisters, he will be an excellent role model for them.  We live in Minnesota, home of the Vikings, Twins, and snow.  We also have a cockapoo named Sadie, who just turned 3 today and is addicted to playing fetch!

I am a manager/bartender at a restaurant.  I have been doing this for 10 years... and now I am going back to school to become a nurse.  I already have a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Family Consumer Science Eduation.  For those of you who know what that is... AWESOME!!! not a lot of people do... I went to school to be a HOME EC teacher :).  Obviously since I am going back to school, that didn't work out too well.. only because I am the kind of person that doesn't like to take work home, and I make just as much at a restaurant without all the stress.  I give teachers SO much credit with what they do, because I simply couldn't do it. 

This blog will hopefully help me not only relieve stress by writing about my life, but also help me become motivated to become healthier.  I am a hefty 223.4lbs.  biggest I have ever been.  (it doesn't help I get free food and free alcohol at my restaurant) My goal is 150.  I am not giving myself a time limit.  Right now, I just want to be accountable for what I am putting into my mouth and what I am/am not doing for exercize.  For example today I at 1/2 chocolate donut, slice of pizza, corn dog, and a special k bar. (its only 1:11pm) this is why I weigh 223.4... not good! It's time for a change. 

Well I think that is enough for now... it's time for some backyard fun!