Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Cookie Exchange

I am going into finals week.  One of my last posts I said I was in my second to last quarter... well that was a lie.  I ended up failing that class (even though I got an 84% in the class).  So I had to retake it, which means I will graduate (hopefully) in March.  This also means we have put off trying for a baby until March, or April, or May... or whenever I get a job with benefits. 

I started up with MyFitnessPal again (shansen1111).  I did really well for like 3-4 days, then today I couldn't. stop. eating.  So to the gym tomorrow I go!!  Tomorrow and Saturday I should stay on track because I work about 20 hours in 2 days.. so no time to eat means I am staying on track!  I am also not drinking right now so I won't drink those extra empty calories after my shifts.    On Monday I weighed in at 227.8.  Today I was 223.something.  That was nice to see, but after my feast today I will probably be back up to 227 tomorrow.  Official weigh in on Monday.. I have the weekend to redeem myself.

Last Saturday my mom hosted a Holiday Cookie Exchange party.  It was my first time I participated, she hosts one every year for the past couple years.  It was a lot of fun to visit with my aunts, sister, grandparents and mom.  We also made A TON of cookies!  Sadly I am almost done with the bag I took home.  This picture just shows all the different kinds of cookies.. we had more sitting on the island in the kitchen that didn't fit in the picture. 

This week was mostly just filled with finishing up clinicals and classes for this quarter.   I am looking forward to our 2 week break from school.  It will be nice to see my family over the holidays and I am attending a holiday party with some friends I haven't seen in a long time, so I am looking forward to that also in a couple weeks.

Like I have said all year long, I am going to try to blog more.  It will be my New Year's Resolution.  I am not going to wait until New Year's though to start it so hopefully I will try to post a couple more posts before the end of the year!  Until then, here are some random pictures from my phone!

Sadie posing with Christmas D├ęcor

Trying to get Sadie, Gracie and Bella to all look at the camera is impossible

Nate helping Nate Jr. put the star on the tree