Thursday, April 3, 2014


I successfully competed LPN nursing school!  Woohoo!!! I have never been more worried about graduating school... especially still during finals week!  Nursing school is something else.  You play a whole new ball game.  I still have to take the NCLEX sometime at the end of the month or early May.  Once I pass that test I will officially have a nursing license!  This is such a huge accomplishment for me.  I am SO ready to get out of the restaurant business full time, and only use it for extra cash. 

This week Nate and I have been good about going to the gym this week!  We have gone Monday, Tuesday and Today (Thursday). I like to do workout classes while he lifts weights.  Today's workout class was h.a.r.d.  It was called Total Body Conditioning which I thought was going to be different workout moves with weights.  It should have been called "Step Aerobics".  We didn't stop moving!  It was all stepping on the aerobic step.  I could not keep up.  15 minutes in I was sweating and struggling to keep up and she said "that was a good warm-up, let's get started!"  That was the warmup?!?!?!?!  I tried keeping up with the instructor.  I tried to move effortlessly while switching legs or moves.  I am surprised I didn't trip over my own feet.  I would like to say I never want to go back to that class again, but at the same time I want to challenge myself.  And it was a good workout to say the least. 

I have been tracking what I have been eating on MyFitnessPal again (shansen1111).  That is going ok. I have been good and tracking everything is going into my mouth, but I still find myself snacking when I know I shouldn't.  I am always going to struggle with mindless snacking.