Friday, January 11, 2013

My First Auto Correct Fail

I had my first auto correct fail moment today.  Good thing I was talking to my husband so it was more funny than embarrassing. 

You're welcome.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

215 and back in school

I weighed myself on Tuesday and I am at 215.

 I have had a big loss this week thanks to MyFitnessPal.  I never made it to the gym this week.  Monday I had my first day of class 8:30-11:30.  Then I was off to the store to buy new scrub pants.  The ones they sent me were TOO BIG!! awesome!  Then my husband and I had a nice little date installing a new garage door opener.  Be jealous.  It took 3 hours!  In those three hours I proved to him that I could in fact use a hammer, drill, and socket wrench :).  (although there was some confusion with the socket wrench and the little rhyme "righty tighty lefty loosey")  Monday night my work had their annual xmas party where there was beer olympics.  We had teams of two.   Most teams dressed up for different countries (like the olympics).  I didn't dress up.  I have no money to buy any more clothes than I already have. (note: I wore the same thing on New Years Eve... don't judge.)  We played beer pong (won!), memory (won!), and tippy cup (lost).  Even though I didn't snack once at the party, I did enough damage with the beer calories. 

Yep, I work with a bunch of skinny bitches.  Then there is me to the far left.

My team mate in beer olympics

Tuesday I had class at 2:30-4 (thank God, I was a little hungover, not gonna lie). Then we had a lab from 7-9.  This quarter class is a little more fun because we are getting to know everyone and it's not the awkward silence.

Today I had class 10:30-4:45, then I had to go to work 5-9. It was a long day.  Especially since I am fighting a cough and felt like shit all day.

Just with our first three days of class I know this quarter is going to kick my ass.  We already have loads of homework.  I will try to keep updating my blog. 

On that note: time for bed. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Restaurant Food and MyFitnessPal

Well, I can't do it.  I can't not eat at work.  I work long hours and there is no way I can make it through a whole shift without eating. Today I worked 10 hours straight. We don't get breaks unless there is nobody to wait on.  Although, I did some calculations today and this salad is only 400 calories. 

I didn't eat the whole thing, and only had about half the dressing.  That is a 1 1/2 oz portion cup, which means I only have .75 of an ounce of raspberry vinagerette dressing.  I opted out of the breadstick :).  That is the small also!! The large is ginormous! 

So I think if I stick to this salad, I can still stay on track. 

Tonight I also didn't have my nightly beer.  I am really trying to stay away from empty calories.  Although, we have a work party on Monday night where I am participating in beer olympics... I want to opt out, but I have a team mate and I don't want to let them down by not letting them participate.  I will just save a lot of calories for those damn olympics. And drink a lot of water inbetween playing games.

Join me on MyFitnessPal and keep me motivated to keep tracking! I know this is the only way I am going to start losing weight.  Shansen1111

Gotta work another 10 hours tomorrow! Time to relax :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Reading advise from other bloggers I am finding that 1200 calories a day is a good way to start weight-loss.  This is what I am going to try to stick with.   Although I have MFP, I never track, but maybe I will start (username: Shansen1111).  I am a pen and paper kind of gal.  If it takes longer to track then writing something down with a pen and paper, I am already bored with it.  Which is why I downloaded a notepad to my phone and will start tracking with that to start. 

This morning I weighed myself and was at 221.6.  This does not surprise me AT ALL.  Last night after I posted I was bad.  When I say bad, I mean horrible, can't stop eating, all I could think about was food, and ate until I had a stomach ache, then went to bed. Awesome.

I know, I am starting to sound like the typical yo-yo dieter.. I am.  It's hard.  It's always on my mind. I do well for a little bit, then I black out and binge.  - when I say black out I don't mean I drink until I black out... when I binge it feels like I black out for that period of time until I am done, then I wonder what made me do it. 

Tonight my goal is to not eat at work.  Like you know I work at a restaurant and eat for free.  Restaurant food is not doing me any justice so I need to stop it.  I will probably start bringing my own food on the long shifts.

So for now I am going to try to stick with 1200 a day and no eating at work.  Once school starts on Monday and I have more of a routine I will see where I can get to the Y. 

In other news, I am a new Instagram lover!  I try to post fun shit and love looking at your pics.  You can follow me at Shansen1111 :)

Later Gators!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Eve and other Shananigans!

I had a great New Years! Closed the restaurant bartending, luckily nobody stayed past 10:45 so I could get out of there at 11:15ish.  I met Nate downtown just in time for the New Year's kiss. :)

Happy New Year!

Hanging out with friends :)

Yikes! MN girl needs to get some sun!
I had my extensions in that night... this is after working 7 hours right before coming down town, no time to freshen up hair. At least there wasn't a kink from the pony tail!

I took some pics while getting ready for work to show what hair looks like before and after extensions. 

The before pic... major frizz after the blow dry!
All the extensions I will be putting in.
After putting the first track in, my hair just grew 3 inches!!!
All curled and hair sprayed!  This hair has to last through a loose pony tail and 7 hours of bartending.  It did pretty well :)
A new year means new resolutions.  Mine are pretty much the same every year. 
1. Lose 70 lbs.
2. Take more pictures
3. Pay down debt, without aquiring more
I am planning on using my blogger's support system to keep me on track and finally lose the weight. 
By linking up with this chica and this chica I am hoping to finally stay on track and become a sexy chica!
 Today I did okay with food.  I ate a grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side for lunch and a couple slices of thin crust chicken with spinach alfredo pizza for dinner and a peach for a snack.  I have to start actually counting calories so I know exactly how much I am putting into my mouth.
Let's see how this goes! I will need all the support I can get!