Monday, June 25, 2012

A story behind the name

In case you were wondering why my blog is named Some See Sarah. 

Back in the year 1985, my lovely parents had just bought a video camera.    Well, being the baby of the family and a year old, guess who they video taped the most... yep, that's right me!  My sister would be in a lot of the videos as well, but I had most of the scenes.  As I grew up, I guess I liked to watch myself on tv a lot so I would try to tell everyone to "Come See Sarah", so they could watch the videos with me.  It sounded, however, like I was saying "Some See Sarah"... and the name stuck. 

Now, the Some See Sarah videos are transferred on to DVD's, and we can still enjoy my childhood.


That's me (the bald baby) and my older sister.  As you can see this was a polaroid... technology has changed so much in 27 years. :)

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