Monday, October 21, 2013

10K in the books!

Well it's official.  I completed my first official race.  (I know, I did the Mud Run, but in my mind, that was different).  I ran 6.2 miles... HOLY CRAP!!  Without stopping. Yes, I was slow but that's okay.  I think there were only about 20 people out of over 500 that ran that finished behind me, but that's okay.  What matters is that I finished it and ran the whole thing.  AND that I actually did what I said I was going to do which was run it.  2 weeks ago I was telling Nate that I was just going to switch to the 5k and that I had no clue how I was going to run 6 miles.

I left my house around 6:15am on Sunday morning.  I was dressed in capri compression pants, a workout tank top, long sleeve workout shirt and running jacket.  I got the pants, tank top and long sleeve shirt from my mom and sister for my birthday which was the previous day :)  Thanks again!! I also wore cheap gloves and an ear band because it was cold!  35 degrees cold!  My intention was to ditch the gloves and the ear band sometime during the race because I knew I was going to get hot and tie the jacket around my waist so I put my running number on the long sleeve shirt, under the jacket. 

I also bought shot blocks (energizing chews) to eat during the race.  A package comes with 6 shot blocks, but I didn't need that many.  I packed three and only ate 2.  On Thursday I was doing a practice 10k on the treadmill and I finished it but got very nauseous about 30 minutes after I was done and I didn't want that happening again.  I looked online and it said that it could have been from losing too many electrolytes during the workout so I wanted to be sure that didn't happen again.. and it worked!! I felt fine after the 10k on Sunday.

I parked down by the finish line.  There were shuttle bussing bringing everyone to the starting line.  It started up at Mankato State University and ended by the Verizon Wireless Center.  When I got to the starting line there was still about 30 minutes left before the start of the race (10k started at 7:30).  I walked around, trying to look for people I knew.  There was a group of 6 of us running from my work, and I knew some other friends running in it as well.  I found 4 of my friends from work so we took a picture before the race. 

This picture was waiting for the race to start.. sun is just coming up!
After the race! We all finished and are all feeling great!!

Once the race started I started jogging with my friend/co worker Nicole (in the red sweatshirt).  We had ran together before and have similar paces.  She is a more experienced runner than I am though.  She tried to stick with me, but I was falling behind and I didn't want her to feel obligated to slow to my pace so I told her to not worry about me.  The other 3 ran ahead and I didn't see them again until after the race lol. 

Mile 1 was okay.  I was thinking to myself, how am I going to do this.  The cold was getting to my lungs, I knew I didn't prepare nearly as much as I should have.

Mile 2: Holy crap we are at mile 2 already!  Okay, I am feeling a little better at this point.  I am impressed with how many people come out to cheer on all the runners.  That was awesome!  I couldn't help but smile!  We ran through a neighborhood and people just had their lawn chairs out like they were watching a parade (a fast parade with no candy lol)  I eat my first shot block.. didn't taste bad!

Mile 3:  My back is starting to hurt.. I must tense up while I run, especially in the cold.  I text Nate to let him know I am half way done so he can kind of figure out when I am going to be done.  Between mile 3 and 4 there is a huge down hill.  That was awesome.  I was almost just relaxed while jogging and enjoying myself and the view! 

Mile 4:  I am getting warm, but not feeling like taking off the jacket.  I take off my gloves and put them in my pockets.  A lot of people just ditched them on the side of the road, but they didn't bother me in my pockets.  Mile 4 starts to get very long.  We are on a straight road, no turns, a couple curves, but that's it.  I eat another shot block. 

Mile 5:  Almost done!! I start seeing more spectators again!  There weren't many on the long road since it wasn't blocked off to traffic.  I am almost done!! I finally turn on the last road which is totally blocked off to traffic. There are people everywhere cheering.  That definitely makes it easier to run.  I can now see the finish line!!! Holy crap I am going to finish this race!!! I keep going, I try to up my speed but don't want to over exert myself.  I see Nate, lil Nate and my mom in the crowd!  I run passed them with my thumbs up and race to finish!  I got my medal and was so proud I just ran 6.2 miles. 

I see now how running can be addictive.  These race days are so fun!  I had adrenaline pumping from the moment I saw the starting line!  I actually felt like a runner.  Now that I have my first official time, I have sometime to work towards and beat.  I ran it in 1 hour 20 minutes. 

Now I am looking into running a 5k on Thanksgiving.  Might as well get a workout in before the big feast!  Anyone in the Twin Cities area want to run with me?!