Monday, July 30, 2012

Cabin Weekend!

Cabin weekend was fun as always... came back with a sunburn and with more weight piled on :(... That will change. 

We left Thursday night to stay up in the cities with a few friends.  Nate wanted to check out Toby Keith's bar, so we did that, stayed up way too late (3:30ish am) and wanted to be on the road by 8, with a buffer hour of 9 (that is so I don't get too cranky when people aren't moving as fast as I want them to *cough Nate*)  we left at 9:11am.  I knew I wasn't going to really watch what I eat... it's cabin weekend! The burgers we had at 3:00am didn't help either.

Friday we hit the road! energy drink in hand.  It takes about 4 1/2 hours to get to the cabin. I am driving my friends Scott and Sheena up while Nate is on his motorcycle.  Our first stop is near Baxter, MN.  This was just supposed to be a quick stop for lunch.  It ended up taking at least an hour.  We stop at Grizzly's Woodfire Grill, because Sheena and Scott used to work there with me.. not at that exact one, but the one in Mankato.  I still work there, so I wasn't too enthused. Have lunch, complete with an appetizer of Nachos.  I had a cashew chicken salad sandwich with a ranch salad.  Probably not the best choice.  Then Nate gets the idea that he wants to buy a telescope for the cabin.  He has been talking about this for a while, but when he wants something, he has to find it right then and there.  So after lunch we go to Walmart that was 2 miles back.  They didn't have one.  Scott decides to call Mills Fleet Farm... and wouldn't you know, they have one left.  So Nate gets his telescope for the cabin.  (Yes, he looks like a hardass, but he is a nerd at heart).  Finally back on the road.

The cabin is still 2 1/2 hours away.  Scott and I decide to play the alphabet game while Sheena sleeps in the back.  It took a good hour and a half, and I believe we are still on the letter X.  It did make the time fly by though, which was nice.  We get a call from Nate in Cass Lake (30 minutes to the cabin) he had to stop for gas, and now wants to buy a couple more things for the cabin from the grocery store... Sheena and I are getting a little irritated, because my mother informs me that happy hour has already started, and we just want to be up there.  Finally after at least a half hour stop.. we are back on the road.  Although, we still have one more stop to make... at the Pennington store for ice.

We get there, and in good old cabin fashion, a beer is cracked as soon as we get there :), yep, not going to count any calories from this point on...

That night we had burgers... but not just any old burger, Scott (being the chef that he is) ground his own sirloin for all of us... holy cow deliciousness!  My burger had Pepper Jack Cheese, sauteed onions, and brown sugar bacon... again, we are not worrying about being fatty's...

We also, did not stop drinking from the moment we got there... now that being said, I wasn't drunk the whole time. I actually didn't get drunk until Saturday night.  But at cabin weekend, it is pretty customary to have a beer in your hand at any time of the day. 

Saturday we layed out on floaties for an hour or so, and then proceeded to lay out on land.. Had eggs bacon and hashbrowns for breakfast, cheddar brats for lunch, and pulled bbq chicken sandwiches for dinner.  I never felt hungry.  I was actually still full when dinner came around, but since everyone else was eating, I made myself a plate... that is me being a fatty.  Saturday night we lit off fireworks that Nate and I got in South Dakota.  We found out that lighting them off pretty much on the water was pretty sweet.

We left on Sunday around 10am.  I didn't get home until 6pm :(  Traffic was horrible on the way back, and so was construction.  I dropped Scott and Sheena off in the cities and then I was on my way to Mankato.  Nate, being on his motorcycle, lost us around St. Cloud and went straight back to Mankato.  He was home by the time I dropped Scott and Sheena off.    

Last night I was so exhausted I ordered Chinese food and watched the Olympics the rest of the night.  Nate and Jr. went to the new Batman movie so it was nice having the house to myself. 

Now, I am still watching the Olympics :)... found the courage to weigh myself... and it was awful... 226.4... that's what I get for not caring.  Now I am drinking plenty of water to detoxify myself from Cabin Weekend.  I am on 50oz, with 50 more to go!  I am going to try to drink at least 100oz of water a day, and no pop.  I will keep you updated on this.  I also just download C25K (couch to 5k) on my phone, my plan is to do week1, day1 tonight. 

We took a lot of pics, but I am not sure where the camera is.. so those will be posted soon.  Now, I need to pee (again) and start working on cleaning this house! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My mom got a Tattoo!

This weekend, my mom and my sister came down for some quality girl time. The original plan was to help me plant some plants in an area of my yard that is pretty sad looking.  The reality was my mom got a tattoo! Then we checked out Hobby Lobby, a local craft store.   Then went to Grizzly's for some grub and drinks and spent the rest of the night just relaxing with a couple more drinks.  It was a fun day, even though there are still no plants planted... I will have to do that some other time :)

Okay, now if any of you know my mother, the last thing you would expect her to get was a tattoo.  I got my first one 9 years ago, a couple months after I turned 18.  She at first was not happy about this.  It was my first real rebel thing I did in high school, since I never drank or never stayed out late.  After I got the tattoo, she got a little more okay with them.  Jump ahead about 6 years, and I meet the guy I am going to marry, a tattoo artist.  So with me getting three more tattoos and my sister getting three tattoos, my mom is thinking, tattoo's aren't that bad!  After much thought of what she wanted to get.. she decided on a cute little design of a boat on water.  If my mom and dad didn't have to work, I swear they would always be boating.  Here are some pics of the tattoo apt with my husband.. I have to say, my mom was a champ!

Some other new things this week, my husband bought the NutriBullet!  This is blender that blends whole fruits and veggies into drinks with no chunks.  I have to admit, I still haven't put veggies in my drinks, because, well I am just scared I am not going to like it, but I did make a couple delicious fruit drinks! 

My life is also consumed with homework... I forgot how hard it was to be in school, have to work full time, except this time I have a family to take care of also.  So far it's going pretty well, except that all the classes are online, which is getting hard getting used to.  Yes, it's nice because you can do your homework whenever and you don't have to go to class three times a week.. but honestly, I would rather go to class three times a week to keep myself on track.  Also, I like physically getting all the information handed out to me so I can look at it while looking at homework and the computer.  Another thing I don't like about online classes, is there was already an instance where I was supposed to attend an online session, which I did, but of course something went wrong and they didn't count me as there.  I sent a nice email to my professor explaining that I was there, but who knows if they will believe me.  Next time I will take pictures of the online session, just in case they have any questions. :) 

This is what I typically look like right now if you were to just randomly walk into my house:

Notebook in one hand, computer on my lap, textbook semi- falling off the couch... and of course Sadie has to be involved with what I am doing... if I didn't let her up on the couch, she would be nudging my arm for like 5 minutes.  It is easier just to let her up and do homework around her... soon enough she will get sick of me moving around and will move to a different location on the couch :)

Hope everyone is staying cool in this major heat spell we are having! I should probably start doing homework... :0/

Oh and I lost 2 lbs last week, go me!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Serving Sizes!

As I was pouring my cheerios this morning, I thought I would look at what I usually pour myself, and what an actual serving size is... there is quite a difference!

This is probably a reason why I am fat... I eat at least two servings! (and that is if I stop at only one bowl...)

Yesterday one of my friends was reading my blog and wants to lose weight with me.  So we took before pictures and she weighed herself (i already weighed myself yesterday).  We decided that we should get together 3 times a week to walk/run/Rollerblade/bike on some trails near us.  Today we started slow and walked at least 2 miles.  I think I am going to have to get that "track my run" app to see how far we actually go. 

Before pictures... sexy huh?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Don't want to offend anyone

Sorry if I offend anyone in my blogs.  I figure this is my way of saying what I want to say.  Some things might be inappropriate, but that's me.  :)

Need to take more pictures!

It's been a crazy 4th of July week.  Not only was it the first week of school, but of course it was 4th of July, there was a carnival in town called Fundays, which has rides, parades, games, and a Beer Garden. On top of that we had a friend stay for the weekend because he was in a softball tournament in town.  So obviously, hard to keep any sort of diet, which is why the scale read 223.4... :o/... oh well.  It's the beginning of a new week.

Let's start with the Fourth of July.  We had a really fun day.  It was technically lil N's mom's holiday, so we dropped him off at her house in the morning.  This gave us time to drive to South Dakota to buy some fun fireworks! They had them on sale for 3 for 1's.. so we came home with a truck full! We then met up with lil N and his mom and her boyfriend at my husband's aunt's house where they were swimming in the pool.  (this is where I wish I would have taken pictures)

     Side note:  I am blessed with my mixed family situation.  We get along with Nate's ex, she gets along with Nate's family, so she was at Nate's aunt's house so lil N could play with his cousins- even though it WAS her holiday so she could have done whatever she wanted, but she chose to hang out with our family. 

After the kids played in the pool, we went back to our house for some grilling! We had a TON of food for the 5 of us. 
Cheddar dogs, steak kabobs, and 2 kinds of pork chops

That would be Nate saying he is SUPER FULL!!

Don't worry we had a ton of left overs! As you can see, it doesn't even look like we touched anything.

Here are a couple other things I made for the Fourth thanks from inspiration from Pinterest. 

Fourth of July cupcakes.  Made with cake mix and a can of diet 7-up.  This makes the cupcakes with less fat and they are actually more airy.  I have been doing this for years, and people can not tell the difference. 

That awesome drink is just cherry kool-aid, blue low sugar gatorade, and diet 7-up.  It was a fun drink to serve on the Fourth! You can easily make it an adult beverage if you wish by adding some vodka ;)
To separate drinks, liquids with the highest sugar content will go to the bottom, then pour slowly the next lowest sugar content and top with a drink with little to no sugar content.  In this drink, the kool-aid had 20g, Gatorade had 7g, and diet 7-up had 0g. 

On to FUNDAYS! Saturday we got up early to grill out again with some friends and watch the annual FunDays parade.  I am going to say, the companies in the parades could have put a little more thought into their floats.  A lot of them were just pick-up trucks with their company logo.  It was still fun to watch, the kids got a lot of treats and the weather was perfect!  After the parade we went to the carnival.  We had lil N and his cousin with us.  We let them ride 5 rides each and play some games. 

(I have more pics from my new phone, but now I can't figure out how to post those...)

Any who, after the carnival we went home.  I wanted to watch my friend play in his softball tournament, so I left to watch one game.  They lost. 

That night the adults decided to go out.  I went with my friend to the Beer Garden.  He had never been there before.  Nate doesn't like beer, so he went straight downtown with his cousin and his cousin's girlfriend.  (kids stayed at grandma's).  The beer garden was packed and hot and lots of people just running into each other... not my idea of a good time, but I went because my friend wanted to go.  We stayed about an hour and a half and then took a cab downtown to meet up with the rest of our friends. 

Sunday, Nate had a couple tattoo's and I had to bartend 4-10.  Here is a tattoo Nate did on Sunday, I think it looks awesome! 

I would never get this on me, but I like the art work... My husband definitely has talent!

I will try to take more pictures of us as a family for the blog.  And I will try to stay on track and eat healthier, although we still have a half of flag of cupcakes left... but I might just toss them to get them out of the house. :) Until next time!!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Down 3 pounds!  Well that is better than nothing considering, I didn't really do much, except watch what I was eating... kind of.  I can't just say that I am going to stop eating this and stop eating that, I will feel like I am depriving myself and then not stop thinking about it.  This past week I was looking at portion sizes and trying to understand when my body was hungry or just bored.  I am going to try to not drink beer though.  That is pretty much just liquid fat.  For those of you who know me, I love Honeyweiss... and after a long day at work,  usually the bartender will have one waiting for me. A 22 oz. Honeyweiss for that matter... so pretty much 2 beers right off that bat.  Usually I will drink 2 of those with a meal before I go home. (remember I get free food and alcohol at my restaurant I work).   Not this weekend, I really wanted one, but opted for a cosmopolitan and a water. 

My husband did by a stationary bike at a garage sale this weekend, so I will try to put that to use a couple times this week.

Time to see what my professors have in store for me! (first day of class today)... and I want to try to clean out our garage... wish me luck!

Until next time!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

So I read most of the book.  I wanted to read most of it, because I wanted to see if it would get any better... it didn't.  One of my co-workers read all three books in three weeks, and now is starting over again.  I don't understand what all the fuss is about.  If you haven't read the book and want to, then stop reading this blog. 

Reasons why I dislike this book:

- Even though I knew the book was pretty much porn, it got a little boring.
- Why would a virgin decide to sleep with a man who has her sign a contract that she will be his submissive... why stay a virgin if you weren't waiting for the right one! (I understand they did get married, but that's besides the point)
- Who says "as he pressed against my sex".. I have never heard anyone call their vagina "sex" before... I have heard the words, vag, va jay jay, pussy, twat, and meat flaps... but never sex. 
- Why would anyone ever even consider signing a dominant/submissive contract... (especially a virgin)... this goes back to my second point I know, but that's how much I don't get or like this couple's aggreement.
- I don't get why women who read this book would fall in love with Christian Grey... if he was ugly, this relationship would have never happened... he would just be a creepy rich guy that likes to dominate women during sex. 
- The book was very slow moving.. They could have met, had wild and crazy sex, then figured out why he has so many problems, got married and had children all in one book... not three.

In other news, I had to work all weekend, which is why I haven't updated for a while.  I am getting a new phone on Thursday which I am excited about.  Although I feel bad for my husband, because he has been on the phone with the phone company for over an hour trying to buy my new phone and save his contract, which apparently is really difficult.  I hate cell phone companies. 

I start classes tomorrow, wish me luck.