Thursday, February 27, 2014

Body Reform

Made it to the gym 3 days this week so far! Monday and Wednesday I ran week 5 of the couch to 10K program.  Today I went to Body Reform.  I have been to this class a half dozen times, but not consistently.  I want that to change.  It's a great class!  Works your whole body.  Uses weights, which is awesome because I have no clue how to incorporate weights into my workout yet.   The half marathon is in less than 8 months.  I know that seems like a long ways away, but I need that amount of time to get into shape and run a decent time!

Isn't this the truth?  I was just telling myself the other day, that I am so sick of waking up FAT.  Now is the time to do something about it.  After 3 days in the gym this week and watching what I am eating, I am feeling pretty good.  When I feel good, I want to keep going! Just. Keep. Going.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Garage Kitty

We had a visitor for the past week.  A garage kitty.  We do not know how long she had been in our garage before she showed her face.  Nate was in the garage working on the snowmobile with his cousin and all of a sudden this cat appears!  We went to the neighbor's house to see if it was theirs, and it wasn't.  We took pictures of the cat and posted ads on facebook and checked some lost pet sites.  We kept it in the garage for a week because our house is not fit for a cat.  It would come out in the afternoons mostly.  We had food and water for the cat because we didn't want it to starve.  Finally after a week it gave us sad eyes when we were walking into the house, so we brought it in.  Panzer was obsessed with the cat and would not leave it alone.  Sadie would sniff it and then do her own thing.  We kept the cat over night and decided it would be best to call animal control.  We don't have enough room for another animal, otherwise we probably would have kept it.  Animal control said they would keep it for a couple days then give it to the humane society.  I researched the humane society in our area and they do NOT euthanize animals that have been there a while, they keep them there until they get a home.  That's good!  This cat was super friendly and will make a great pet.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pity Party for 1

So many things going on right now.  I am on an emotional roller coaster.  I cannot WAIT to be done with school.  I really hope I graduate in 6 weeks like planned.  I just get so worried about the exams that I can't concentrate on studying. It sounds ridiculous because most people would be more prone to study if they are worried about the exam, but my mind doesn't work that way.  I think about all the situations that might happen if I don't pass.  It may look like I am reading the book and turning the pages, but I will all of a sudden "read" 10 pages and have no clue what I just read.  I didn't go to class today because we had a midterm, so I emailed that I was "sick".  Luckily, the whole class felt unprepared for the exam and the instructor decided to push the test back a week, so I didn't miss anything it looks like.

That's another thing.  Rasmussen doesn't have a clue what it takes to teach a class.  They think they can hire any old nurse that wants to change their career a little and think they know how to instruct a class of students.  They have no clue what they are doing.  I can say I do.  I have a bachelor's degree in education.  I know how to teach.  My instructors when I was getting my bachelor's had nothing but good things to say of my way of teaching.  My students didn't know I was a "student teacher" they thought I WAS their teacher. That says a lot.  Why I didn't go into teaching is another post all together.  The point is, these nursing instructors are setting us up to fail. There is a reason 50% of the people I started with ended up failing a class and have been put back.  I am one of them.  If I fail this class, I am out of the program.  I am supposed to graduate in 6 weeks and I am scared shitless that I wont.


On to the next topic.  My body.  I have gained close to 50 lbs since being in a relationship with Nate. We both have a problem with food.  I can't get it back on track unless he gets it back on track.  You know how hard it is to eat a salad when they are eating pizza?  Or not to eat the cookies that are in the house?  I know I need to be disciplined, but I am not. I am weak.  I need help.  We both need help. I signed up for a half marathon in October.  That gives me 8 months to run 13.1 miles.  The hardest part is to get to the gym.

I know I am having a "Sarah pity party for 1". I will get better.  Maybe I just needed to get it out.