Friday, March 7, 2014

2 weeks until graduation.. hopefully!

2 weeks tomorrow is my graduation.  2 WEEKS!!! There is a lot I can still do to screw up in 2 weeks.  That is what my anxiety is focusing on right now.  I had to take a test today.  I have no clue how I did.  Since I did pretty well on my last two exams, I have a 85% average on test scores going into this exam.  So, technically I only need a 64% on this exam to keep a 78% average in the class. So, I could get 18 wrong on the exam.  When put in those terms, it doesn't seem that bad.  (I should have been a math major haha)  BUT I was a good buffer going into the final, so I am hoping for an 80% on the exam or better.  Hopefully she will get the scores posted by Sunday.  Then, I have to just pass the final exam, a proctored ATI exam, and a practice NCLEX exam... in the next two weeks... shoot me now. 

2 more weeks.

I was looking through my pictures I took this week, but they consist of the work schedule and some before pictures of my body.  I am challenging myself to do a full application of itworks wraps and taking the supplements to see what kind of results I can see in 30 days.  I am taking a daily picture of my stomach from the front and the side.  In 27 days I will show everyone just how well the itworks products really do work!!

I have also been on a good 3 day a week running schedule, that I have stuck to for the past 3 weeks!  Today I ran 22 minutes non stop. Next week we will bump that up to 25 minutes.  It is so awesome to be able to run and not feel like I am dying.  I am enjoying it!  I still remember when running for 1 minute felt I couldn't breath and my legs were falling off. 

1/2 Marathon is in 7 months and 12 days.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Nate's birthdays

This weekend was Nate and Nate jrs birthday. Yes, they fall on the same day. Yes, it makes my life even more confusing when talking about them. It was also Bockfest, which is a beer festival at a brewery about 30 minutes away. We have friends that come into town every year for Bockfest, so we had quite a busy weekend!

Nate jr wanted his birthday at Mount Kato which is a ski/tubing place like 2 miles away from our house. It was fun! He had a good turn out of kids that came! He slept over at his grandmas house that night with all his cousins.

That night we celebrated Nate's 32nd birthday by going out to dinner and going out for drinks.

Yesterday we had a Dexter marathon day. We are finally on the last season! I heard the series finale we will see! 11 episodes to go!

Today I went to the gym and continued with my couch to 10 k. I am starting to see physical changes in my body and I can feel how my body is adapting to this new life style. Its awesome :)

This post I am doing on my phone so I can share pictures. I am very illiterate when it comes to technology, but my husband just told me that I can email my pics on my phone to myself so I can blog on the computer. Duh. So I will do that next time lol. In the mean time, here are the pics I took this weekend :)