Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'd Rather Be Busy

Google Reader is going away at the end of the week.  You can now follow me on Bloglovin. still under the  Some See Sarah name. 

I am currently on a 2 week break from school.  During this time I am trying to pick up more hours at work, but that is hard because EVERYONE is trying to pick up more hours at work.  I am finding that I am a lot more happy when I am busy.  Even though it is stressful to be busy, and at times I hate waking up at 5am and not going to bed until midnight, I am a lot more happy.  I am more happy with myself, with my relationship, with my life, etc.  This week, since I don't have school to worry about, I am finding myself just sitting at home and thinking about life.  This turns into depressive thoughts.  This effects my work, my relationship, my friendships, etc.  I don't know why I think that my life sucks, or that I would have a better life somewhere else, because my life doesn't suck.  I am happy where I am, with my husband, with where my life is going to go.  I just need to keep busy for this next week and a half. 

With that said, you would think I am working out more... I haven't been.  I did go to the Y today because it was too hot to run outside.  I used to think running outside was harder than running on the treadmill, I proved myself wrong today.  I started running on the treadmill and put the towel over the time/distance so I wasn't tempted to look at it.  My run seemed like it was going on forever!  I finally looked down and I had only gone 1.15 miles.  ugh.. this is going to be a long workout.  So now, I did it, I looked, and now I can't stop thinking about how long it's going to take me to run 3 miles.  My mind got the best of me.  I stopped after 2 miles.  Running outside may be physically harder, but I know when I reach the 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile mark by destinations, and it is way easier to run towards a destination than it is to just keep running on a treadmill hoping you have gone as far as you think you have gone.  So it looks like I have to wake up early to get a run in because the temp outside will be cooler.  I have a 10k coming up in October and need to be able to run 6.2 miles by then!!

This week I also had an ItWorks! wrap party.  This company has been blowing up all over my facebook so I thought I would try it out.  I did a wrap on Monday and noticed a half inch loss off my stomach.  So I guess it does work!  I ordered more wraps and I also got a greenie drink mix and fat blocker supplements.  I will let you know what I think of them once I get them!

Until next time!

Thursday, June 20, 2013



I am linking up with some other bloggers to share about my wedding. 

Nate and I got married on 11-11-11.  The number has has always been prevelent in our marriage, example, when ever we see the clock at 11:11 we make sure the other knows about it (this was even before we were married).  Then we moved into our first house, and the address was 1111.  So we though since it landed on a Friday that year, why not have it on 11-11-11.  Once we decided that I had to get my baptism certificate for the church and holy crap, what day did I get baptised on... 11-11-84!! I think it was fate. 

As you can see we got married in a Catholic church.  Not my choice.  Nate is Catholic, I grew up Methodist.  I wanted at the church I grew up in, but after a long, long, couple month long disagreement, I gave in.  I will realize in the future, I will give in a lot to make him happy.  That's what being married is all about right??  I am happy we were married there, the pictures are amazing. 
Our reception was at a hotel about 2 blocks away from the church and 4 blocks away from all the bars.  Perfect location! 
This was what our receptionroom looked like.  It was perfect.  I hired a decorator - best decision I made for the wedding. 
The bridal party consisted of 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen, 2 ushers, flower girl and ring bearer.  I origionally had the girls pick out their own style of dress, but it had to be the same color and fabric.  Once 2 of them picked out the same style I changed the rule and everyone had to wear the same thing.  I wanted either all different or all the same.  I thought this dress they picked out was awesome, and flattered everyone.  

The colors were a deep purple,  The guys wore all black with deep purple ties.  Flowers were deep purple calalillies and white roses.  Oh, and the flowers were all fake...yep, didn't want to spend 70 dollars on a bouquet, when I could spend 25 on mine and 12 on the girls'... and I still have my bouquet.. and all the bridesmaids bouquets. 
The first dance was to "At Last" by Etta James.
Father Daughter Dance was "I loved her first" by some country singer...

And then the party started!!!

Best day of my life. 
Our honeymoon didn't really come until February 2012.. but we brought his son and his mom.. so I still think it was more of a family vacation.  It was fun, but not what I think a honeymoon should be.  Hopefully after school is done we will have a baby-making-vacation.  Only us. No mother-in-laws and no children :)
What would I change?  There really isn't much I would change.  It was about as perfect as it was going to get.  Yes, there were MINOR things that didn't go perfectly.. but I didn't let it bother me.  I think I might have splurged a little more on the photography and got a videographer.  I wasn't too impressed with the pictures and it would be nice to have a video of the day. 
After the wedding I really had wedding withdrawls.  I couldn't believe it was over, something I waited my whole life for.  I loved planning it, even though some times it was stressful, and if I looked at one more flower I was going to burst! but I truely missed it.  Now we are married... now what?!?! :)



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3 miles and hopefully a blog win!

Two Thirds Hazel

I am entering a contest to try to grow my blog.  God knows I need some help with this thing, so hopefully I can get the chance to win to talk with some of the top bloggers around!!!

This morning I had to take a psychosocial nursing proctored exam.  It went better than I thought, I scored a level 2 out of 3  which is slightly better than average.  That test pretty much just said that if I were to take the boards right now, in psychosocial nursing part of the exam I would pass.  I take the boards in January. 

After the test I went on a 3 mile run.  The run went fine... didn't help I passed about 20 cross country runners... all guys... awesome.  - Or I should say they passed me haha.

This was after my run. OH yeah, Nate made me color by hair black yesterday. 
Ok, he didn't MAKE me.. but he highly suggested it - and paid for my color/cut (which was MUCH needed).
It is still growing on me, I think it's a little too dark, but Nate thinks it's hot.. so we will go with it for a little while :)
I sent him this picture yesterday when I got home and was still mad about the color haha... that's my I'm pissed face.
So I know, this was a random post.. hopefully I can win this giveaway, I would love to grow my blog more while I am on my journey of becoming a runner and a nurse :)


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day weekend!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dad's out there!  Including my own dad, husband nate and grandpa!!  I am so blessed. 

This weekend was busy and went by fast!  Friday I work my normal Friday shift which is bartending 10:30-8:30ish.  I have worked those same hours every friday for 2 years now, and Nate will still ask me what time I work.  Men, they never listen ;).  It was super slow for lunch, then my manager cut everyone except me and thats when everyone decided to come in.  I had about 11 tables going at one time..  That is a lot of orders to keep track of!!! But they came at a good pace so it wasn't too hard... just never stopped moving for about 2 hours. 

Saturday I was scheduled to close the restaurant managing.  This was a nice change because I actually had a Saturday day off so I could enjoy it!! I woke up super early, around 7 and tried to fall back to sleep, but at 7:45 I decided that wasn't going to happen, so I was up for the day.  I started my day off with a run. My goal for the day was 3 miles.  I did it!  I used a map my run app for the first time on my phone.  It was nice because it tells you once you hit each mile, so I knew that after I was done on the trail that I usually run on, I had to do a lap in my neighborhood to get the full 3 miles.  I ended with 3.3 miles in about 46 minutes.  I am pacing right now at about a 12:50 mile.  It's still pretty slow, but I don't mind, I am working on distance and endurance right now, not pace yet.  After my run Nate and I decided it would be fun to go on a motorcycle ride.  We should have looked at the radar before we left because we got hit in one of the worst rainstorms we have rode in.  We were soaked!!   Rain hurts when it's hitting you at 70 miles per hour!  We had to sit under a over hang and wait it out before our cold journey back home. 

We saw the storm coming... and we were going straight into it.
While we were stopped.. down pouring rain!
Soaking wet, but it makes for a funny story, I guess :)
After I got done managing the restaurant, I went downtown to see some friends I haven't seen in years!!! They were at one of my old roommate's wedding which was in town.  I am not sure if I lost that invite, or what because I had no clue until last week she was getting married that weekend.  Maybe I wasn't invited... I dont know.. oh well.  Anyway, I got to see a couple of our other roommates downtown and it was SO nice to see them.

Sunday (today) it was gorgeous!!! We went to Nate's aunt's house, she has a nice pool in her back yard and played with all of Nate Jr.'s cousins.  Nate Jr. loves swimming, I think he could swim all day if he wanted to.  Here are some pics of the afternoon.

Nate made a huge splash and splashed his grandma!! She thought it was hilarious.  If you can see in the pic, she is the one on the noodle on the left in the pool.

Nate Jr. jumping off the diving board!

Nate's cousin Andy showing off his diving board skills


All around fun day  for everyone!  Now the boys are at the new Superman movie.  I opted out to do homework... which I am procrastinating by writing this blog post.  This week is finals week, so maybe I should open a book and study... ugh

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Once money isn't an issue...

We all know by now that I am in school for nursing.  This December I will graduate with my LPN, take the boards in January or February and begin school again in March (hopefully) to start my RN program.  I am also hoping once I am an LPN I can get a job and make more than I am making now. 

Now, I am working at a restaurant and I cut back my hours to focus on school. This has caused a huge financial strain.  I have broken down more than once about how I am going to make it.  But, like always I talk to my husband about it and he makes me realize that everything is going to be fine.  And it will, once I start making the big bucks... until then I will continue working paycheck to paycheck strategically paying my bills so just the amount of money is in my account for each bill. 

Now I know most people don't talk about their financial situations in public, but I'm not normal.  I am here to show that there is another person out there that is struggling.  I will get through it, and once I get that first RN paycheck you guys will be the first third people I tell.  Now here is to what I am looking forward to with more money in my pocket:

- Getting my hair done. (it's been at least 6 months)
- not worrying about how I am going to pay to get my dog groomed
- being able to buy my husband/step-son gifts without having to save up for it
-not feeling guilty about going out to eat
- being able to go to weddings/showers/birthday parties
- not thinking about money all the time!!!
Until then, I guess I will hit the books so I don't fail any classes.  (we have to get at least a 78% test average to pass the class... and half our class is failing one of our nursing classes right now... i'm borderline)
My one year anniversary of this blog is in 12 days :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mud Run 2013

Yeah, I have been slacking at this blog.  Between school and work this quarter I have been very busy and when I am done with my assignments I just want to shut my computer.  BUT tonight, I am doing a post because I participated in my first 5K this weekend and want to share the pics :)

I did a Mud Run.  It was hard.  The ground that we had to run on sucked as it was in a field of tall grass mostly and it was very uneven.  I was worried I was going to roll an ankle!  I ran as much as I could the first half, then my friend fell off the monkey bars and hurt her knee so we walked the last mile with her.

Here are the pics that will sum up the experience.  They aren't in chronological order... bear with me.

Starting out clean!

And we're off!

One more pic before starting

Back and muddy!

Helping a friend over a log after she hurt her knee

Somewhere in the route

And I'm out of the mud pit!!!

Was stuck in the pit for like 5 minutes... seemed like an eternity!

One of the last obstacles

Sliding to the finish line!

Proud I finished :)

I am continuing with my running.  I want to run a 10k in October, so that is my goal now.  I am the same weight as I have been for the last couple months.  Hopefully with longer runs, I will shed weight a little faster. 

My quarter for school is up in 2 weeks (thank god) so I am also going to try to post more. :)