Tuesday, February 12, 2013

34 degrees and sunny!

Do you ever have days where you just don't feel like doing shit?  Well that was Sunday.. and Monday for me.  I was cranky, crying for no reason, did not want to get out of my pajamas, and chocolate was my best friend.  (No, I'm not pregnant... yes Aunt Flo is visiting.. early..) TMI?

Finally after moping around the house for two days, I am feeling a lot better!  This morning I did some chores, went to the gym, and now I am blogging before I have to go to class.  I feel a lot better, but I swear, life was ending 48 hours ago!

I think it also helps that it's nice out! (34 degrees) and sunny!  I love when I can hear the snow melting :) I know this won't last... I do live in Minnesota.. the snowiest month hasn't even come yet.  I swear I am going to move south one day. 

Well I am experiencing blogger's block right now.. no clue what else to write about. So instead of random ramblings I will end this short post.  Maybe I will be back later after class and Valentine's day shopping.  Until then.. don't slip on the ice... it hurts both your body and your ego :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Tattoo and Bockfest

Well I made it to the gym twice this week.  I am planning on going tomorrow after class.

 I got another tattoo on Thursday! 

This is my first very showy tattoo.  I love it!  It is going to be lighter once it heals, Nate used all gray wash, not one part is black.  It is also all shading, no lines what so ever. Can't wait to see what it looks like once it's healed!!  This would be my 5th tattoo.  I also have one on my lower back (yes a tramp stamp, and yes I got it when I was 18... and yes, it's butterflies. ), stars and a saying on my left foot, flowers on my right side, a heart on my wrist, and now this one one my left shoulder.  I am not going to be one that is totally covered in tattoos, but I think they are sexy and awesome. 

Here are more pictures of the process of getting the tattoo.

The stencil is on!

Working on the shoulder... It was a little painful at this point

And finally doing the front... we were on the home stretch and I was ready to be done :)

This tattoo also makes me want to get into shape even more.  I really want to show off my side tattoo this summer.. I mean why get a tattoo if you don't want to show it off. 

This weekend we also went to Bockfest.  This is pretty much a German beer festival.  There were brauts, large pretzels, polka music, beer, beer and more beer. 

This was a small part of Bockfest.. The hill getting down there was very steep and many people fell because it was so slippery and/or they were drunk. 
The guy in the red hat is my friend's husband.. taking a beer bong from randoms.  Minnesota nice!

More of the brewery.  There was way more to the brewery, but my phone died shortly after this picture :(
My best friend from high school and I looking at the museum, and getting warm!

Nate and I enjoying a beer.
There were a lot of fun outfits there.  Everything from animal skin to lederhosen.  It was a fun day, but I don't think we are going to make it a yearly tradition.  It was like 8 hours of standing around, and people watching.  We didn't drink that much because it was during the day and we still wanted to have a fun night that night.  There were others that just had fun all day that day and were passed out by 5pm. 
After an eventful weekend, I am ready for bed and to start another busy week of school, work, and working out. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Long Time no Blog!

Well I am back at it again (I think).  I took about a month off of blogging because I started classes again and this quarter is taking the life out of me. Why did I go back to school again???  

This is just some of the books from this quarter... shoot me now.

I also took a break from working out.  I know that I should have kept going, but my schedule is all over the board, it's hard to find the time every day to do it in the hours that are available at the Y.  I have not gained any weight though... at least not a huge amount.  I weighed in the other day at 217.  That might be at most 2 lbs of weight gain in 5 weeks.  At least it's not 20!! I call that a semi-success.  Although, I am sick of being fat, so I am starting to track my food and exercise again on myfitnesspal (shansen11).  I need encouragement!!!

I got a 50.00 gift card to Scheels from my work for being a manager (one of the few perks).  So I bought some new running workout shoes!  I had to buy a 10 1/2! I usually wear a 9 1/2, but the guy at the store said you want more toe room in workout shoes, and I thought the same thing when my old workout shoes weren't fitting the greatest.  (they are a 9 1/2).

Here they are! Aren't they beautiful!!
Wore them today at the gym, they feel great! They are Nike Zoom.  Originally 150, but got them for 75.00 because they are last years style.  -50.00 (gift card) = 25.00 for some awesome workout shoes!  That is called being thrifty! I also thought I always needed arch support because I have high arches... wrong!  Arch support is for people with flat feet.. oops. Sometimes I can be a dumbass. 
So hopefully I will stick on the workout train, and the blogging train. (come on ride the train!) It's midterms this week, so I should be studying for my tests, which is what I am going to do... after I shower.