Thursday, October 2, 2014

28 weeks!

Today I'm 28 weeks pregnant! So far pregnancy has been awesome. Little to no sickness, not too much pain, and baby is healthy! We found out we are having a boy :)! Much to my surprise because I was thinking girl this whole time haha.

Here is the revealing cupcake at the gender reveal.

Here is a current belly pic, don't mind the no make was my day off work lol.

We worked on the nursery this weekend! My mom and sister came down and worked their butts off to make my vision come to life. It's not complete but the tough part is done...the painting. Here are some pics.
Mapping out the chevron wall.  This took some math, a laser level, and a couple perfectionists.

The taping of the wall is complete. Now to be sure to only paint gray in the correct lines.

Doing some touch ups....don't worry, we got that one spot you're looking at ;)

The finished love with this room! Now we just need to put up gray curtains, add a rug to the floor and do finishing touches! I can't wait until it's complete.

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